Common Questions

When will Hunua Easter Camp take place this year?
Thursday 1st April (registration from 6.00pm – 7.00pm) until Monday 5th April at 2.00pm 

How old are campers at Hunua Easter Camp?
School years 7 – 11 (intermediate and the first three years of high school)

How old are leaders at Hunua Easter Camp?
Year 12 and above (the last two years of high school and older) 

How much does it cost?
Click HERE to see the fees for Hunua Easter Camp 2021 

Where does it take place?
Hunua Falls Christian Camp: 203 Falls Road, Hunua 2583

When can we arrive on Thursday night?
Registration is open from 6pm-7pm on the Thursday night (please don’t arrive prior to this time unless you have contacted Emma Page). If you are unable to be there at this time please let Emma Page know. 

Will my child have dinner on Thursday night?
No, please make sure your child/children have eaten before they arrive to camp 

What should we do when we arrive?
You can find the registration table in the hall at the bottom on the drive way. After you have signed in you will be able to choose a cabin and get settled in.

Do I need to come with a leader?
We strongly suggest that you come with a leader or adult from your church, however, we are aware that sometimes this is not possible. If you are able to come with a leader that is great but if not, you will be able to mention this in you registration form. 

What if I need to take my child off site during the weekend?
If you need to go off site for any reason during the weekend, your parents will need to come and sign the in/out book that will be found in the hall. One of the directors will also need to be notified.

What should I do with any medication my child needs to take?
Any medication that you need to take can also be given to one of the directors on the Thursday night. We will make sure their medication is taken at the appropriate times throughout the weekend. If you have any concerns or questions about this feel free to ask Emma. 

Is there a tuck shop?
Yes, everyone is welcome to bring money for the tuck shop. You must hand over all of your tuck shop money to registration when you arrive and then you will receive any change at the end of camp. This is to prevent money from being potentially lost or stolen.

What do I bring?
Click HERE to view everything you need to bring (both campers and leaders).

When should I pick up my child?
On the Monday we will be finishing at 2pm so parents can pick them up at this time (we will be finishing with lunch so you are welcome to arrive a little before 2pm).

How can I contact the directors or talk to my child during camp?
During camp if needed you can contact Emma Page on 021 184 7508. Unfortunately there is limited cell phone reception at camp so if you can’t get through then you can try the camp phone which is 292 4867.

Head directors details: 

Emma Page: or 021 184 7508

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