Common Questions

When can we arrive on Thursday night?
Registration is open from 6pm-8pm on the Thursday night.

What should we do when we arrive?
You can find the registration table in the hall at the bottom on the drive way. You will get a name tag and then can take your stuff and find yourself a cabin. 

What if I need to take my child off site during the weekend?
If you need to go off site for any reason during the weekend, your parents will need to come and sign the In/out book that will be found in the hall. One of the directors will also need to be notified.

What should I do with any medication my child needs to take?
Any medication that you need to take can also be given to one of the directors on the Thursday night.

When should I pick up my child?
On the Monday we will be finishing between 2pm-3pm so parents can pick up at this time. We usually end with a prize giving, parents are welcome to come and watch. 

How can I contact the directors or talk to my child during camp?
During camp if needed you can contact Sami on 0212051554. Unfortunately there is limited cell phone reception at camp so if you can’t get through then you can try the camp phone which is 292 4867.

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